Monday, December 5, 2011

More changes...

Life has so many changes going on right now. My life has fallen into a deep black whole and it happened on October 5th. My mom went into the arms of Jesus. My life changed instantly that very moment she took her last breath. My mom cared for 3 young children over the past year ages 3, 5 and 6. How was I supposed to come home and explain to them plus my nephews and neice that grammy was gone? It was the HARDEST thing ever! I have since taken on the guardianship of these 3 children. I wish I could have my mom back but we all know its Gods plan.
It took a while for Amanda to understand, even still every now and then She will ask me "whens my grammy coming home?" And i just remind her "remember, grammys up in the sky and she is one of Jesus's Angels now" its so hard!

Welll thats the newest update.

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