Thursday, March 19, 2009

March of Dimes/thoughtful thursdays

hey everyone please check out my page on the march of dimes. i am going to be walking on may 16th. i know we all dont have much money but if you can even a little bit help me support the march of dimes! i am walking for my daughter amanda, and for my daughter winter who i lost at 22 weeks. as well as walking for Kayleigh freeman who you can check out at be prepared for a happy then sad moment! if you have time, read from the beginning she is sure to steal your heart and have you go through a box of tissues shortly after you start reading! but she is truly amazing!

thank you all for your support!!! and time reading my blog!!!


Cristi said...

Praise God for your 2 pound miracle. We have one ourselves!

elteescat said...

Your baby girl is a DOLL!!!!!!!!